Why Sandesha ?


In order to stay updated regarding the current events of odisha, we thought of this news portal exclusive to the state. Sandesha will ensure dedicated news related to Odisha with detailed account of special events, which might not be present in a general news portal. Sandesha news portal may not contain only news, but also insightful articles and special event updates which will be a great resource for readers.
Sandesha should be able to cover a wide range of topics. The news portal will not have only a few headlines relating to major current events, but will also explore the backdrop of the news as they happen. Topics covered can range from politics to industry to culture. Other important fields to report on include education, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. And of course national news. Any news portal dedicated to Odisha should include these diverse topics.
Sandesha will have experienced contributors and journalists and will carry well- written articles and opinions from experts. A unified news source for the Odia community and current events related to it can be a great source of information .Sandesha will provide great content for international readers. As a dedicated Odia news portal, it will inform everyone of the rich cultural heritage of the state. Sandesha will provide great insight into Odia traditions and will proudly share the achievements of Odias across the globe.

News on current events will include detailed pictures of the event. The news portals in odisha do not have a USP; therefore, by opting for Sandesha news portal, one will be able to review detailed accounts that may not be present in an average news and information portal.


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